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Milton's Picks

Romain Chamiot – Apremont 2013 - $19.99
Nesteled in the French Alps in the eastern department of Savoie lies the area of Apremont which produced lively and lovely whites from a grape, Jacquere, that few outside of that region will recognize. This is a new addition to the portfolio of the venerable importer Neal Rosenthal and what a supurb addition it is. Light and vibrant, this is a mineral driven wine with apple, floral and citrus notes that leave the palate energized and wanting more. It’s crispness and cleanly delivered flavors make it perfect for the summer either as a complement to a simple fish or as a lovely end to a lovely day.
Argot Madras Pinot Noir, Steiner Vyd., 2012 - $48.99
Justin Harmon is a chemical engineer by training who simply fell in love with wine, cashed in his chips and began making very small lots of wine with the passion more associated with a poet than an engineer. This particular wine is certainly testimony to that as the words ‘ethereal’ and ‘sublime’ can be found scattered throughout various tasting notes. I would add ‘profound’ to that list as Madras continually shows evolution in all of its facets throughout the course of the bottle. What you experience at the beginning will be different from what you experience at the end. There are copious red fruit nuances woven together with floral and herbal aromatic threads and the wine defines the notion of power and elegance. Very much one to contemplate but, alas, only 72 cases were produced.
Le Dolci Colline Prosecco Brut - $14.99
You would be hard-pressed to find another Prosecco that delivers this amount of charm and character at this price. It is not particularly complex, Prosecco rarely is, but what it does offer up it does so in a bright and very precise way. I love it for one reason only; it is delicious.

Dave's Picks

Chateau Grand Cassange Rose France 2014 - $10.99
In case you didn’t notice, roses are back, with France still leading the way, in both style and sheer quantity. A perennial store favorite, Grand Cassange is a great example of the southern French style. Composed of grenache, syrah and mouvedre, this wine has great balance,bright acidity and enough fruit character to match with a variety of summer fare or be just an enjoyable patio sipper.
Helwig Viognier 2013 California - $15.99
Viognier sales continue to surge as today’s wine drinkers seek to broaden their horizons. With aromas of butterscotch and ripe pear, this wine taste slightly floral like honeysuckle and has almost sweet feel on the tongue. Smooth, medium-bodied, soft in texture and easy to swallow, this baby delivers lots of clean, fresh fruit flavor.
1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel California 2013 - $19.99
I guess it was just a matter of time before someone used bourbon barrels to age wine, what with the recent explosion of whiskey sales in the last few years. Produced in small batches, much like premium bourbon,the ageing process begins in the traditional method,with French oak barrels.The wine is then aged in new bourbon barrels before finally being aged for 12 months in 13 –year old barrels from the likes of Four Roses and Heaven Hill. The result is a wonderfully smooth zinfandel with a flavor profile of vanilla , cedar, dried herbs and a touch of caramel. Unique and unforgettable.

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